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We build uplifting communities to enhance your living environment

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kipleHome App
Keep updated with the latest happenings within your community. Manage your bill payments, facilities bookings and queries.
News & Updates

E-Notice Board Get immediate updates on announcements, upcoming events, disruptions straight to your phone.


Intercom: Direct call to the security personnel in case of an emergency.

Visitor Management

E-Pass: Easily inform the guards and management when you have a visitor. This keeps the area secure from outsider intrusion.


Private Messaging: You can directly message your management and get a real-time response from the team.


Bill Management: Receive an e-bill from the app and pay your utility and maintenance fees without having to visit the management office.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Create Pass

The e-Pass function allows you to generate QR codes to your visitors. Your visitors will need to present them at the guard house to be scanned. Prior to scanning, your visitor will be granted access to the residential complex. This function eliminates the use of visitors surrendering driving license, recording of MyKad numbers, and the tedious conventional use of the visitor’s record book!

Feedback to Management

This feature brings private messaging live between you and your JMB management! Eliminate use of Whatsapp or Facebook groups, now you can have your own private session without the noise and distractions from others. The beauty of this feature is definitely the tracker that tracks all your communication with your JMB. From there you’ll know the complaints that have you surfaced to them from time to time.

Speed Dial

The speed dial function located at the top-right colored in red allows you to perform a quick call to your JMB. This function is especially handy for you in emergency situations. Save the hassle from memorizing your JMB’s phone numbers and save time from scouring them in your mobile’s address book!

Very Important Contacts

This function is a built-in phone directory within the app itself that allows you to store all the important numbers from your JMB to your guards. You can now have a one-stop contact point that stores all the important contacts pertaining your residential area.

Add Users/House Members

You can now add your whole household with this feature along with all your properties from other residential areas! You can assign your household members to perform similar duties as you such a granting e-Passes, paying management and/or utility bills!

View Utility Bill

This feature allows you to view all itemized bills from your JMB. Upon viewing them, you can pay your bills directly from there. You will never miss any pending bills from now on!

Check Notifications

The in-app notifications for the app is denoted with the bell icon that is located on the top-right of the app. Keep yourself in-the-know of your surroundings and you’ll will never miss any alerts again!

User Guide

The guide book is located in the Community page. It can be handy when you need to make a quick referencing on how to use the app better!